No Pain in Our Dentistry Game: DentalVibe

It's okay to be a little scared when getting an injection with a needle. We know that, for a lot of patients, dental anxiety is a paralyzing issue. Dental anxiety often keeps patients from pushing off necessary dental work. However, postponing your dental procedures can result in having more problems and other serious oral health concerns.

Garden State Smiles is committed to helping patients face their fears of the dentist with kindness, compassion AND the latest in pain reduction technology! Garden State Smiles is proud to offer DentalVibe!

DentalVibe looks just like a vibrating toothbrush. It provides gentle vibrations at the injection site to distract the nerve that sends pain signals to the brain.

DentalVibe uses vibrations that act as a distraction to pain by reaching the brain before it sends signals back to your nerves. The DentalVibe device vibrates the mouth near the injection site to block the needle pain. While the tissues are vibrating, the injection is given where needed, and the vibrations reach the brain before the pain does.

So BOOM, no more pain! You no longer have to be afraid of needles.

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